I am an author and philosopher, primarily interested in science and ethics. I often also dabble in politics and economics.

I am author of the pop-philosophy text Rational Morality: A Science of Right and Wrong, with which my intention was to put across a more rationally justifiable theory of morality.

I am currently commissioning editor with Ockham Publishing.

The name of my site – On the Edge of Academic – is a play on words, meant to represent two things. Firstly, whilst I write and publish work on matters which are primarily academic, I don’t work in or hold an academic seat (indeed, it’s never something I’ve pursued). To many of the traditional mindset, this puts me firmly on the edges of academia. Similarly, I write on ethics and science, which may people believe are entirely separate. These folks consider the connections/theories I write about as ‘academic’ (the second definition: ‘not of practical relevance; of only theoretical interest.’)

Yes, I am aware that if you have to explain a joke it probably isn’t a strong one. I’m okay with it.