Rational Morality, Now Available

  • How do we formulate a coherent moral code in a world without religion?
  • How can we show natural ideas like ‘moral relativism’ and ‘egoism’ to be irrational?
  • Moreover, how can we create a genuinely scientific and rational theory of morality which, so far, has evaded academics?

Rational Morality sets out to answer these questions by presenting a new form of ethics for the Brian Cox and Richard Dawkins generation; creating ‘moral science’ from ‘moral philosophy’ in the process.

In this passionate, thought-provoking and often radical thesis, Robert Johnson presents both a refreshing theory of morality based on science and a guide to the practical consequences of what a truly rational concept of morality involves. Exploring rationality, atheism, animal ethics, determinism and politics in the modern world, Johnson uncovers some surprising and original arguments in each area.


Today is the official release date for Rational Morality: A Science of Right and Wrong, after a long few years consisting equally of research and trying to fit an awful lot of explanation, science and philosophy into 200 pages! The above is a brief description of what I’ve come up with; an entirely new theory of morality, explained in an entirely accessible manner. Below are a couple of the first reviews (of which we will hopefully see more on the site in the coming days):


“Robert Johnson convincingly argues that ancient religious myths cannot provide a reasonable basis for morality. In Rational Morality he concisely and forcefully demonstrates how evidenced based science can and must determine the moral theories and ethical norms that best contribute to the wellbeing, not only of humans, but other sentient beings. He offers a unique and compelling view of a complex topic.”

Joseph L. Daleiden, author of ‘The Science of Morality’


“Rational Morality is a guide for practical humanity sans the religious belief that without God, there is no reason to be moral. Johnson brings to bear convincing studies and data, as well as a lucid, elegant, and forthright writing style.”

CJ Werleman, author of ‘God Hates You. Hate Him Back’


And, as if that weren’t enough, please remember that if you buy a copy of the book and don’t like it, it also doubles as a durable yet stylish pet bed. Practical ethics in action.

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Stay tuned for further updates in the coming weeks, some interesting article releases and the first sets of reviews coming in. If you simply must have a copy of the book on the official release date, the following are the links to visit:

Amazon – Paperback

Amazon – Kindle

Book Depository

Rob Johnson, 14th June 2013